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Flexible Partner – Powerful Solutions 

The importance of finding solutions for healthcare, agricultural and environmental challenges in second and third world countries is recognised worldwide. Globe Corporation bv contributes by offering you powerful solutions for your valuable projects, based on solid performance.

Globe Corporation - Flexible Partner 

Partnership is the keyword behind the Globe Corporation’s operations. To ensure the most perfect match between our knowledge and your demands, three market orientated divisions have been established; Medi-Globe, Agri-Globe and Environ-Globe

Backed up by long-term experience and expert knowledge of local conditions, we work closely with customers to plan and implement facilities. In all of these projects, the Globe Corporation takes a teamwork approach, working with customers, engineering professionals, suppliers, building contractors and architects to analyse the current situation, chart future needs, and to find the best possible solution. 

Mission Statement 

To clearly contribute to the worldwide efforts to deal with healthcare, agricultural and environmental challenges by implementing practical tailor-made solutions. This in cooperation with our fellow-citizens in third and second world countries.

Our Corebusiness

The Globe Corporation executes medical, agricultural and environmental projects. Either on a turnkey or a package supply basis.

In projects all the pieces must fit together and work seamlessly. From initial planning to equipment selection and procurement, delivery, installation, commissioning and training we coordinate every stage of the project. We are strongly committed to after-sales support, including service and maintenance, once the facility is up and running. 

Clinical areas; operating theatre / surgery, imaging , IC, cardiology, neonatology, emergency, wards.
Laboratory systems; Elisa systems, biochemistry and haematology analysers, etc. 

Agriculture and cattle-breedi
Poultry; hatchers, setters, counting/boxing systems, insemination devices, transfer apparatus.
Diary; milking equipment, batch pasteurizers, separators, butyrometers, milkcryoscoops. 
Veterinary; surgical instruments, ultrasound systems, pregnancy detectors, animal cages.
Plant science; leaf area meters, plant water stress systems, seed and germination apparatus.

Laboratory systems; GC, HPLC, spectrophoto-, flamephotometers, TOC-, BOD-, COD apparatus, test-kits, field test equipment.
Weather stations; measuring parameters wind, rain, temperature, light etc. Dataloggers.
Water; watertreatment, -samplers, -quality, -flow.
Soil; soil moisture apparatus, soil samplers, soil analysis kits.

Core competence

To expand our knowledge and to translate it into practical solutions for our partners. 

We are convinced that even in this century most of the companies still focus too much on their products and how to market them. We do not. The Globe Corporation has a different approach. We offer our partners primarily knowledge. We focus on people and their needs instead of on products. 

The benefits of our tailor-made performance is recognized by Ministries of Health, Ministries of Agriculture, Ministries of Environment, World Bank,,European Community, World Health Organization and Non Governmental Organizations.

We offer You

Professional support
Professional management and operational support in the execution of your valued projects.
Our internationally gained expertise in the commercial, technical, and logistic field is implemented in the medical, agricultural and environmental marketplace. 

Competitive products and services 
Our suppliers network worldwide and comprehensive database of products and services make it possible to provide you with the most suitable solution, taken into account the budget available and quality level set.

Our network
Usage of our network will enable you to permanently exchange your knowledge and experience with us and our international partners. It will also be your primary contact to access the most competitive and latest technology from producers worldwide.

A wide range of distinctive services (a variety of services) are rendered: 

Qualitative and quantitative inspection of goods procured.

Physical transport, packing, marking, handling and clearance.

Installation of the systems on-site. 

Thorough testing and commissioning on-site before handing over.

Staff training on-site or at manufacturers’ training centre.

After-sales services
Preventive and corrective maintenance. Supply of spare parts, consumables and disposables.

Commercial and more extensive warrantee is offered.

Major Reasons to contact Us

* You are planning to set up a new project. Your preference is to execute this on a turnkey basis. You require professional Consultancy services to realize the goals set.

* You are considering investing in brand-new equipment, disposables and consumables, as a single supply delivery.

* Your plans are accomplished and now you are looking for an all-round supplier with a partnership approach. Accessibility, scope, flexibility, a no-nonsense approach and full 
commitment is therefore important to you. You would like to meet the company that fits this profile.

Globe Corporation – Powerful Solutions

Working with us ensures access to the most recent know-how and experience in the field of international medical, environmental and agricultural business. This is why Hospitals, Laboratories, Research Centres, Universities and NGO’s frequently use our services.

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